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Welcome! We’re the number 1 darknet market for our one and only home country; Canada! WeTheNorth Market came to serve the nation in 2021 after the fall of Canada HQ. Winter has come! Santa Claus is always on this very dark but very bright market! Have you already checked your letterbox? It doesn’t matter where your chimney is… your magic bag will find you no matter which city you are in, whether it is Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal or peut-être in Quebec City!

Note that all mirrors require the Tor Browser to access to ensure safety and anonymity.

5 Facts About Us

  • User anonymity is guaranteed (no email address, telephone number etc. required for sign up).
  • Our market is escrow only for a worry-free shopping experience.
  • We have customer service in both languages; English & French, available 24/7.
  • We do not keep any personal information in records as per our code of conduct.
  • We ensure the safety of your funds and we keep a close eye on vendors for the quality of products provided in our market.
We The North Market

WeTheNorth Market Key Features

Shipping Locations We are strictly a Canada only marketplace. Anything not related to our territory is forbidden to be sold or bought.
Product Categories Fraud, Drugs & Chemicals, Guides & Tutorials, Counterfeit Items, Digital Products, Jewels & Gold, Carded Items, Services, Software & Malware, Security & Hosting.
Product Listings Over 5,000
Vendor Bond CAD $300
Payment All transactions are in Bitcoin, with coversion rates shown in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Simply deposit to a wallet then check out.
Commission A flat 5% fee on all sales to help fund ongoing support and maintenance of the market.
Other features A Forum, Credit Card Autoshop and Sports Bet Panel, which are as anonymous and secure as our market is!

Cryptocurrency - A Modern And Secure Way To Pay

On WeTheNorth Market, you have your own wallet linked to your account. You can handle your balance, deposit and withdrawals easily from here.

You will need to deposit your BTC to the assigned wallet address. It will arrive after 2 confirmations, which will take approximately 30 minutes (providing you have sent sufficient transaction fees). The addresses are dynamic, meaning they will change between each and every transaction. Please be careful to send the deemed amount to the latest one. You may deposit as much as you will need to spend in your shopping. Please DO WAIT for your Bitcoin to be deposited before you make any other transaction. You will need to wait before creating any other transaction or new address before you send another one. Patience is the secret passcode here!

WeTheNorth Market Rules

Please take your time to read our rules listed below. These focus on both vendors and buyers:

    1. This is a Canadian marketplace. Shipping out of this territory is not allowed.

    2. This is a darknet market meaning for the safety of all users, allcommunication has to happen through the market. If you attempt to communicate externally using apps such as Jabber, Telegram or Wickr, you risk facing an immediate ban.

    3. Scamming will result in investigation and possible removal from the market if found guilty. This applies to both vendors and buyers.

    4. Sharing links or other external information is not allowed.

    5. You will have to have a PGP Key in your profile before you start your trade.

    6. Assassinations, fentanyl or human trafficking are not for this market.

    7. Any dox threat will get you banned immediately.

    8. All vendors must have PGP 2FA enabled.

    9. False descriptions of products and services will result in removal of those products and potentially a vendor ban.

    10. Digital purchases auto-finalize after 2 days and material ones after 14 days.

    11. Padding or falsifying feedback will get you banned.

    12. The vendor bond is non refundable. This is a policy to keep the scamming vendors out.

    13. Any weapons or explosives are not allowed here and will get you an immediate ban.

    14. Terrorism related activity is an absolute no in this market.

WeTheNorth Interface

The WeTheNorth interface has been designed to be easy to use, whilst providing users and buyers with all the tools they need for a good experience. Here is you can the product search results screen:

WeTheNorth Search Results

From here you can access the product listing screen which provides more detailed information and feedback from previous buyers:

WeTheNorth Listing

You can also view information about an individual vendor including their sales, feedback and full product range:

WeTheNorth Vendor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My deposit has not shown up yet.

Any transaction on the blockchain will need to receive 2 confirmations. You must check the transaction fee because a low fee means slow processing in a congested BTC network. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency after all.

I deposited twice to the same BTC address, will I die?

Good news - no! You will live to fight another day. You will however need to raise a support ticket. We will help you solve the issue. This will take some time to manually credit the payment but you will receive the funds still.

Mnemonic? Excuse me?

It is the phrase you will need to save somewhere after registering on the market.

Damn, I lost my password, PIN, everything pretty much. Am I doomed?

See above. Mnemonic is your go to solution. This allows you to recover your account in case you lose the password. Simple!

What is escrow?

It is the system that we use to keep everyone safe and satisfied. The market will look after the funds 'in escrow' for a set amount of time to ensure you receive what you paid for. Without this, darknet shopping would not provide buyers with any protection. You can extend or finalize early once you purchase in this system.

Are all listings made through escrow?

Yes, always!

How long is too long?

Once you buy an item, the vendor has 72 hours to ship and mark the order accordingly. You can dispute or cancel or order if the vendor fails to do this. If you do nothing, it will auto-finalize after 14 days.

Vending sounds cool, how do I become one?

You will need to set up PGP 2FA first. If you are caught scamming, padding or breaking any rules of our market, we will have to say goodbye to you. Our market is here to provide a safe environment for buyers and vendors alike.

I'm a cool vendor though, can I be a FE vendor?

Nope sorry, all listings have escrow here.

Can I leave a product review?

Yes, please do! After the order is finalized, you have a month to do that.

Sometimes I am seeing a blank page? Why?

Because our market is designed for a PC not a mobile phone. Mobile devices offer less security.

I feel like I’m being scammed, what do I do?

Contact the vendor and extend the timer. If that fails, raise a dispute and one of our dedicated staff members will make a decision. If we agree that you've been scammed, you'll get a full refund.


WeTheNorth User


It's been a swift experience, you don’t have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to use WeTheNorth.

WeTheNorth User


So far everything is smooth, we love this market! Won't stop anywhere else.

WeTheNorth User


I have been using this market since the beginning of this year and everything was pro & respectful.

WeTheNorth Vendor

Party Faves (vendor)

Working has been really a treat for us in this market. Many great customers.

WeTheNorth Vendor

Jeancoutu (vendor)

Almost 2 years now of vending here for us now, and hopefully lasts forever.

WeTheNorth Vendor

Jokersknife (vendor)

A newbie on the market but here to stay, we're loving it! Support from staff has been top class.

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